Festival Rule Book
The festival is open to all the interested competitors regardless of their level of education, nationality or confession.

Registration fee for all categories is 40 euros, and shall be paid with a note „For competition participation „Harmonika Fest“ on the account:

For foreign participants:
Crnogorska komercijalna banka AD Podgorica
Incoming payment instruction
Swift address CKBCMEPG
IBAN ME25510000000003081730
NAME&Address Harmonika Montenegrina
Nvo Podgorica
DJOKA Miraševića 11

For the participants in Montenegro:

Competitor’s application must have following documents:
a) Completed application form (can be found on festival site in ONLINE and PDF version)
b) A copy of birth certificate or a copy of passport with basic personal data
c) The evidence of the paid registration fee (participants from abroad pay upon their arrival in Tivat)
The application must be delivered by:
- e-mail,to address harmonikafest.mne@gmail.com until 05/05/2020.
In case of cancellation of the participation in the contest, registration fee shall not be refunded to the contestant.
Contestants are due to provide for their own travel and accommodation costs.
Complete schedule of competition performances will be published on theFestival website, no later than ten days before the beginning of the competition (www.harmonikafest.me).
All competitors are required to submit 3 copies of programs that are running before their performance, to the Secretary of the jury.
Competitors will be judged by the jury of five members, made up of eminent pedagogue and concert performers from Europe and the world.
The jury's decisions are final and irrevocable.
Contestants’ performances will be evaluated numerically, ranging from 50 to 100 points.
The winner of each category, who win at least 90 points, shall be awarded the trophy.
The winners in all categories, who win more than 97 points, shall be provided prizes in cash by the organizer.
All contestants who win more than 90 points shall receive a Diploma for winning the first prize.
All contestants who win from 80.00 to 89.99 points shall receive a Diploma for winning the second prize.
All contestants who win from 70.00 to 79.99 points shall receive a Diploma for winning the third prize.
All contestants who win from 60.00 to 69.99 points shall receive a Praise.
All other competitors shall receive a Diploma for participation in the competition.
Teachers of all participants will be awarded with the Diploma for participation in the competition.
The most successful contestants will be awarded with special prizes and sponsors.
The most successful competitors shall be awarded at the final concert.
The winners by category are required to perform at the final concert.
The winners who do not attend the final concert, shall not receive the awards.
The competition is open to the public and media presence.
Non-commercial filming and photography are allowed.
All competitors waive the right to financial compensation for radio and TV recording of their performances during the competition, for the production of audio and video material from the event, as well as for its distribution.
The organizer does not take responsibility in the event of injury or any accident of the participants (contestants, teachers, parents, organizers, exhibitors and guests) at the premises where the event takes place and out of them, as well as of any responsibility in case of damage or theft of their property.

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